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If you are cautious about what you eat and especially what you drink and looking for the best bottled water, you have come to the same place. We have selected the best you can find on the face of the earth. You don’t have to live in the fear of missing out on the required minerals or won’t have an unstable electrolytic balance – this bottled water bottle comes packed with minerals and the right pH. 

Evian Mineral Water: The water normally channels through layers of ensured underground stone for more than 15 years. At the point when it arises at the Evian source; it comes with naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals and an impartial pH of 7.2, which gives Evian its exceptional, fresh taste.

Perrier Carbonated Mineral Water: Perrier is refreshing all alone, however, its fresh carbonation makes it an ideal accomplice for mixed drinks and drink plans. It’s ideal at-home or in a hurried drink, settling on it a refreshing decision for consistently.

Spa Bottled Water: Spa Reine bottled water has a spotless taste and is an ideal counterpart for the dishes with the subtlest mouthfeel. 



Kh Sourcing Bv — The most reliable of wholesale bottled water distributors

Crystal pure water is a miraculous elixir standing guard over your health and wellness. It improves digestion and normalizes blood chemical composition, making one's skin and hair look brilliant. Nutrition experts recommend drinking 2-3 liters of pure water per day. In our crazy pace of life, bottled water is the right choice. Just put one in your bag and drink through the day at your convenience.
If you are looking for the cheapest bottled water in bulk, our store is the right place. Thanks to our highly ramified logistics network, we can deliver your orders globally within a couple of business days. Our assortment of bottled water for sale covers the biggest industry names, including Evian, Perrier, and Spa. That is why the highest purity and distinctive freshening taste are guaranteed.

Count on us to buy bottled water online from the world-renowned manufacturers

In the consumption age, the supply is infused with goods of dubious quality. That is why if you care about your health and the health of your clients, you’d better trust the proven brands in mineral water production. At Kh Sourcing Bv, we pride ourselves on cooperating with the best of the best, offering you bottled water for sale from the world’s top producers:

  1. Evian. This purest spring water is born in the highlands, where it falls as rain and snow. That’s where Evian’s 15-year journey begins: through natural filters formed over several ice ages to your table.
  2. Perrier. Though being good for health and refreshing on its own, this mineral water is great for mixed drinks or a quick drink on a jog. Perrier acquired its recognizable flavor due to its perfect carbonation.
  3. SPA. This water production roots back to the XVI century. Its spotless natural taste and low pH level make it a perfect companion to gourmet dishes. According to European researchers, Spa is recognized as the best among 2,000 other brands.

If you doubt which water brand to choose, feel free to contact us and get expert advice.

Supreme catering to your needs is our priority

We highly value our reputation as a trusted bottled water supplier and spare no effort to provide our clients with the best shopping experience. The fundamental principles of the Kh Sourcing Bv company are quality, safety, and loyalty. When buying bottled water online at our platform, you can rest assured your order will be shipped quickly, complying with international safety standards.
Want to get a regular supply of supreme mineral water? Then there should be no room for doubts! Place your order with us to provide yourself and your loved ones with a life-giving source of minerals at wholesale prices.