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Milk Products

Are you looking for the best milk substitute for breastfeeding or a nutritional supplement for your infant or toddler? We have selected the most nutritious supplements for you.

Aptamil Milk: provides balanced nutrients according to their age and also supports overall growth and development. Aptamil Milk has Four major ingredients such as DHA, ARA, Iron, Folic Acid.

Ensure Milk: is a complete source of balanced nutrition for supplemental use with or between meals. It is a useful source for providing the treatment for nutritional deficiency, weight loss, and can be used by those who are recovering from illness, surgery, and low residual meals.

Guigoz Milk: gives essential elements for the development of the intestinal system and also for the development of the immune system.

Nestle Nido: can be called a “Nutritious Milk for Growing Kids” for children above three years old. Nestle Nido contains whole milk, vegetable oils, vitamin A, C, and D with iron and zinc sulphate, sugar, lactose, and soya.