Evian Mineral Water Wholesale Supplier

Évian is a mineral water brand that originally comes from a few sources on the southern shore of Geneva Lake near Évian-Les-Bains. Today, Danone, a French multinational alliance, claims Évian. The Evian natural spring water is quite popular everywhere 


  • It is always refreshing.
  • It is hydrating.
  • It has no added taste or flavor.
  • It has nothing extra is added to enhance the taste.
  • The water normally channels through layers of ensured underground stone for more than 15 years. At the point when it arises at the Evian source; it comes with naturally occurring electrolytes and minerals and an impartially adjusted pH of 7.2, which gives evian its exceptional, fresh taste.


  • Naturally filtered 
  • No added enhancements 
  • No added minerals 
  • No added electrolytes 
  • Fresh and crisp taste 

If you are cautious about what you eat or especially what you drink then this is the perfect choice for you. Do not want to miss the required minerals - this has all the necessary minerals. If you drink Evian natural spring water then your body’s pH and electrolytic balance will be maintained. Your body will remain refreshed and hydrated with the natural spring water. Your body needs the best and this is the best bottled natural water. Drink this, enjoy the fresh taste, and stay hydrated!   

How to Get it?

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