Guigoz Milk Product

Guigoz Milk Product


Guigoz Milk Wholesale Supplier

Guigoz Milk is the nutritional milk. This milk can be used as a supplement that can enrich the meals by providing support to the children's growth. It can be used by children up to the age of third. The considerable nutrients and essential properties of breast milk are now easily available to everyone through Guigoz Milk. its gives essential elements for the development of the intestinal system and also for the development of the immune system. This milk helps in the smooth functioning of the digestive system. Which can reduce much illness. 

Guigoz Milk is prepared for infants by Nutrition professionals. It has met all the nutritional needs of the children’s till now. This milk can be used as the main milk without breastfeeding. Guigoz Milk provides all the nutrients that a child is needed to be enriched with iron, calcium, and minerals.

Benefits of Guigoz Milk for Kids:

  • This milk contains essential fatty acids along with omega. This can help in the contribution and development of brain and nerve tissue
  • This milk is full of iron, vitamins and zinc for children. Which helps in providing a better immune system to fight diseases.
  • it helps in the development of bones.
  • helps maintain good eating habits.
  • Guilgoz Milk has half the cow's protein content.

This milk product is available on our website. You can purchase Guigoz Milk by KH Dairy Sourcing BV.