Johnson's Wholesale Supplier

Johnson’s hydration is an SPF20 cream, It has an important remedy that is enriched with pure rose water to keep the skin refresh. It gives you a fresh impact and glowing skin at all ages and at all times. It is prepared in a way that helps to defend your skin against various factors such as sun damage and other external issues. It comes with fast-absorbing properties. The cream always keeps your skin feeling soft, smooth, and looking like a rose petal and with a rose aroma. It would tend you to use it day after day. It is clinically tested and dermatologically approved. So Johnson’s fresh hydration is the best option for sensitive skin. 


  • Johnson’s fresh hydration face cleanser is enriched with pure rose essentials which hydrate the skin at any time.
  • It is compatible with all age groups.
  • It can be used on the regular basis. 
  • You won’t feel any irritations on your skin.
  • It is clinically and dermatologically tested.

Johnson assures that it gives 100% results. Johnson’s hydration is a cream that can be used for all ages people without any effects.

How to Get it?

You can get the product by Johnson’s suppliers from any website like Kh Diary Sourcing BV.