Latex Hand Gloves

Latex Hand Gloves


Latex Hand Gloves Wholesale Supplier

Whenever it comes to gloves types, household latex hand gloves come to mind. It is the most famous glove material. It is made from the material obtained from the latex of rubber trees and despite the improvement of engineered materials, is as yet the most flexible, tough, and structure fitting material for gloves. Moreover, it is a biodegradable material. It gives the wearer a lot of finesse, physicality, and solace making these gloves ideal for clinical, auto fix, and food administration applications. Overall, it is widely used for its features and benefits.


  • It comes with a different level of durability.
  • It prevents tearing and punctures.
  • It is made of organic ingredients.
  • They come in three types powdered, lightly powdered, and powder–free.

Note: Powder inside latex gloves is mainly corn starch which prevents the gloves from slipping and provides a strong grip. 


Some benefits of latex hand gloves are:

  • comfortable since it is lightweight. 
  • It has great performance against barriers.  
  • Tough  
  • Durable 
  • Most elastic 
  • Disposable 

If you are looking for disposable yet durable and comfortable gloves for a clinical, auto repair, or food serving purposes on daily basis then these gloves are made just for you. 

How to Buy Disposable Gloves Online?

You can get these disposable gloves by medical equipment suppliers from any gloves online store like Kh Diary Sourcing BV.