Nitrile Hand Gloves

Nitrile Hand Gloves


Nitrile Hand Gloves Wholesale Supplier

Blue Industrial Nitrile gloves are produced using nitrile butadiene elastic, another engineered material, making them an option for individuals with latex hypersensitivities. Nitrile is multiple times more resistant to penetrates than latex, notwithstanding when the glove is penetrated it will tear totally. It gives the wearer a lot of finesse, physicality, and solace making these gloves ideal for clinical, auto repair, and automotive applications.


  • It comes in a variety of levels of durability and prevents tearing and punctures.
  • It can tolerate high temperatures.
  • They come in three types powdered, lightly powdered, and powder-free nitrile gloves. 

Note: powder inside nitrile gloves is mainly corn starch which prevents the gloves from slipping and provides a strong grip. 


Some benefits of Nitrile examination gloves are:

  • Comfortable since it is lightweight 
  • It has great performance against barriers 
  • Tough  
  • They are durable so you need not spend again and again
  • Most elastic 
  • Disposable 

If you are looking for disposable yet durable and comfortable gloves for a clinical, auto repair, or food serving purposes on a daily-to-daily basis, then, these gloves are made just for you. 

How to Get it?

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