Nivea Deodorant Wholesale Supplier

Nivea Deodorant is India’s first whitening sensitive deodorant. This deodorant is designed especially for the care of sensitive underarms. And it gives more visibly even-toned underarms without any irritation. It has an ultra-light formula. It has an irritation reduction factor. It can stop underarm darkness and irritation by beautifying your skin. You can unconditionally use the best deodorant for better and fair underarms. Nivea Deodorant has a long-lasting refreshing aroma and fresh feeling throughout your day. It is a clinically tested and dermatologically approved deodorant. 

 Direction of Use:

  • Take the deodorant bottle, shake well, and use it.
  • Never apply this deodorant from a short distance. Keep at least 15cm away. 
  • Spray directly on the underarm.
  • But never spray on clothes.
  • Never apply this deodorant on irritated and broken skin.
  • It should be completely dried off.

This best deodorant has zero percent alcohol content which helps to get more toned and fair underarms. It contains natural ingredients to give more toned underarms after every use. 

Benefits of Nives Deodrant:

Stop bad odour: The best deodorant has anti-microbial agents that help you to keep bacteria away with long-lasting odour control.

Toned underarms: Nivea Deodorant is the only deodorant that gives fairness after every use. 

How to Get it?

You can purchase Nivea Deodorant through any website like Kh Diary Sourcing BV.