Nutrilon Milk Product

Nutrilon Milk Product


Nutrilon Milk Wholesale Supplier

Nutrilon Milk is one of the popular milk we can find everywhere. It is popular because it consists of a probiotic known as Bifidobacterium Lactic. The probiotic content in this milk helps in preventing diarrhoea for newly born babies. And it lowers the risk of food allergies to stay healthy. We must always need to follow a strong healthy and balanced diet during and before feeding time. If they decide to stop breastfeeding or choose mixed-feeding, it can reduce their milk supply. And also will be very difficult to return to breastfeeding afterward

To provide the best nutrients for babies, Nutrilon Milk comes with a nutrition package with all natural ingredients intended for them in the case of breast milk. Nutrilon Milk is the best substitute for breast milk. Nutrilon Milk has lactose which can be used from birth onwards. This milk is a combination of both lactose and Maltodextrin. These two generally help in the absorption of calcium and other nutrients.

Benefits of Nutrilon Milk:

  • Prebiotics: Nutrilon Milk has Prebiotics that helps to strengthen the immune system and to fight viruses and bacteria.
  • Omega: Nutrilon Milk contains Polyunsaturated long-chain fatty acids that promote and development of the brain and sight.
  • Post biotic: Nutrilon Milk is a unique combination of pre-and post biotic supports for easy digestion.
  • Complex of vitamins and minerals: Helps to facilitate healthy growth and development.

This milk product is available in all countries. You can purchase Nutrilon Milk by KH Dairy Sourcing BV.